Thursday, July 30, 2009

This is my pond...

I was out walking on a nice sunny day when I stopped to glance at the dugout on our acreage. There he was… a little duck swimming on the water. I was always happy to find some wildlife enjoying our dugout.

I walked a bit closer, as close as I dared to get without scaring it away. Then I sat down on the ground and watched. This little duck swimming on the water just looked so very, very peaceful. As I watched, it gave me an awesome sense of peace.

I watched him swimming on the water and it was like this little duck was saying…….

“Today this is my pond and I’m swimming in it!”

“I’m doing laps from end to end. I’m swimming side to side. I’m diving. I’m causing ripples. I’m chasing bugs. I’m twirling round and round. I’m enjoying the warm sun on my back.
This is a beautiful pond!…I have it to myself today.….
Thank you God for giving me this pond today.”

Sometimes we need our own special little blessing.
Hope one comes your way today!
ps bird in photo may vary from actual bird seen

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Blogging trail.......

If you wonder
if my blogging trail
gone cold....
...I'll be back soon
with some
new posts
just been trying
to catch up
on some weeding!