Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Today I get to be....

"The Bride!"

I've been thinking of weddings and anniversaries and hence this post. After all aren't most brides hopefully minded? Hope you enjoy...

Today I get to be "The Bride"

by Betty

Today my heart is filled with hope and delight,

As I stand in my gown of satiny white,

Today I will celebrate a new chapter in my life,

Where soon I will acquire the awaited status of wife,

I rethink the words of the vows I will make,

And hope some of the clauses I won't have to debate,

I know the words say for richer for poorer, for better for worse,

But I hope for the better and the fatter the purse,

Today I gaze down the long aisle where soon I will meet,

My friend at the end all odds to defeat,

Today I will soak in the cheers and the laughter,

And stick to my dream of happily ever after,

Today I step forward with confident stride,

Because today I get to be, The Bride!


What were you thinking on your special day?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Surround Yourself With

…things that make you smile!

Seems like just a few days ago that I turned the calendar over to September.

As I flipped the page I was excited to see what the September photo would be. And when I saw it I couldn’t help but smile.

It contained two of my favorite things.

With 3 books stacked behind and one underneath there was a kitten peering so intently at the open book he was sitting on that he looked like he was reading it. Smart kitty!!

So I got to thinking with the world around us that can quickly take our smile away, as much as we can we should surround ourselves with things that make us smile.

What surrounds you?