Tuesday, January 11, 2011

An interesting view

A peak at the world........
just like through a sleepy eye that partially opens up.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Reviving an Old Tradition

I used to do this, perhaps not every year but come the end of the year or early in the New Year, it was something I liked to do.

I would like to get a little notebook, my pen and find a comfy spot to sit. And then I would think over the past year with of course a cup of fresh coffee by my side.

I didn’t call them resolutions; it was more like reviewing my past year or taking inventory and setting some goals for the New Year. This year I got a new notebook and revived the tradition.

To get my mind rolling I would ask myself some questions like:

  • Did I learn something new this year? Could be a hobby, computer program, or a book I read.
  • Did I travel anywhere? Could be to another country or just to the next town.
  • Did I make some new friends? Who were they and where did I meet them?
  • Did I try any new ventures? Did I try a new business, new job or project?
  • Do I have some great memories? What happened that was memorable?

Then I would record some things in my inventory. Here are some examples of what I would list:

  1. My weight – Never know when you might come across a great weight loss program (if you need one). Or just a great preventive health measure to monitor your weight.
  2. My current job and salary – never know when you might get a promotion, a raise or even a new job? Or a great business idea?
  3. My current place of residence – never know when you might move
  4. As a writer – write down current places where you’ve published – including blogs, etc. You never know when you discover another great publisher or get that best selling book idea!!
  5. Pictures of your home – never know when the next great decorating idea will hit you, or when the clutter bug exterminator comes by.
  6. Any Projects that I’ve started and still have an interest in finishing.

I could also record any new things I wanted to try or goals I wanted to accomplish in the next year.

Then I’d close the book and put it away. Just put it in a place I can remember so I can find it next year and compare the results!

Do you have any New Year traditions?