Monday, June 25, 2012

Oh The Carefree Days of Clouds

 Here the fluffy clouds.....
                       go sailing
                               and drifting
                      and floating.

Speeding across the sky......


Can you see the shapes, the faces, the critters?

Is it a spaceship, hat, or turkey in the sky?

What can you imagine
         is floating by?

How about you take a five minute, stress reducing, mind imaging, cloud break?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Just In Time For Summer

I noticed the first one blooming yesterday.
.......and there are....
many more plants with buds.

How did your summer start?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

I Just Had To Share This Tip....

The book is: “Lessons I Learned in the Dark”, STEPS TO WALKING BY FAITH, NOT BY SIGHT

I’m reading in chapter ten.  Here is the setting: Jennifer is getting ready for a speaking engagement.  Her son is playing Nintendo in the living room.  Her husband is not home at the moment.

(The one thing you need to know about Jennifer is that she lost her eyesight at about age 15.)

So she can’t see her hair, but she can tell by the way it feels that it is not a good hair day.  So to fix things up decided that maybe what she needed was a little makeup.  One of her friends had given her some eyeliner and lip liner from a new cosmetic line she was selling.  She didn’t usually wear liners but decided that under the circumstances today would be a good day to try them.  Perhaps it would give her a special look and no one would notice her bad hair.

She applies it carefully and with a new confidence heads for the door.  On the way out she passes her son, he comments that her lips looked black.  She replied that no it’s a new color, raisin.  Her husband, who was to take her to the event, had just arrived home.  Since he was running a little late she met him at the door.  When he sees her, says with panic, “Your eyes are flaming red!

So by now it was obvious that she had gotten the makeup mixed up. It was good makeup and she had to scrub hard to get it off. 

But here it is......... in the next sentence she says:

(“Here’s the practical application for the female reader: If you’re having a bad hair day, just put lip liner on your eyes and eyeliner on your lips.  I guarantee that it will give you a special look and that no one will notice your hair!”)page 170, chapter 10, para 5

So there you go ladies, your quick fix recipe for when you have a bad hair day!!!

This is from the chapter called Laugh at Yourself.  Sometimes we take ourselves too seriously.  Jennifer has a great way of showing us spiritual principles from everyday life experiences.

Jennifer Rothchild is a speaker, author and recording artist.  She is co-founder of
To find more of her products or learn more about Jennifer click here.

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Bloggers Prayer

 (Do you ever feel like you are writing to an empty room? If so, here is the prayer for you.)

The Bloggers Prayer

Oh, Mister Spider, of the great big World Wide Web,
Can you spare me a length of your sparkling golden thread?

Some folks are really quite shy to come so near by you,
But I do need some help and don’t know what else to do.

I have been racking my brain for just the perfect choice of words,
But the feeding on my posts has just gone to the birds.

Your web is so tangled up and it is so very big,
The sites keep building up to an ever bulging fig.

The SEO and RRS feeds they confuse me so,
So Mr. Spider can you help me with my traffic flow?

Can you crawl the web all over and tweak the bits and bytes?
And take my blogging trail up to grand new heights?

Mr. Spider, you know the trails both inside and out,
You know the back links and the buss routes without a doubt

You know the smooth ways and are master of the sticky roads,
You have the key words to help with all the heavy loads,

So, Mr. Spider, can you go and fetch me a really large catch,
And make the trail so sticky that comments have time to hatch.

Please make the roads up to the door wide and easy to find,
Because you know folks can get distracted and be kind of blind,

You have the special secret to make traffic go zoom, zoom,
And it sure would cure my problem of writing to an empty room!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Today's Chuckle

They say laughter is good for the here is Today's Chuckle.
Hope it starts your day out right...

What did one little red hen
say to the others?

"Hey girls, 
wanna have eggs for breakfast?"

Friday, June 1, 2012

Inspiration From An Unexpected Source

Lizzie Velasquez is only one of three people in the world to have been diagnosed with this syndrome.  A syndrome so rare it doesn't even have a name.

The world shouted one message to her ~ watch this YouTube video and see how she responds.

To learn more about Lizzie and see what she has accomplished click on More About Lizzie.

p.s.  What is on your To Do List?