Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Day without color.... like a day without hope."
I thought back to the white days.
The ground was white. The trees were white. The sky was white. The air was white. It was all white.

I thought I should like white. For white is clean, white represents purity. It was white after all that dressed the trees and made them look quite extraordinary on all those frosty days.

However I couldn’t get excited about white. It was more like it says in
Daniel 5:27….
“….thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting.”

Then the next morning as I was looking out the window I saw the pink of the sunrise above the trees.
There was color. It was pink, and it was beautiful.
Then I watched as the warmth of the sun creep in. The blanket with a hint of yellow slowly swept its warmth first along the ground then up the trees and then up to the sky.
Now that was a refreshing sight!

Just as the sun colored up the world, the warmth of the sun unthawed my heart. It was like hope crept back into my weary soul.

Now that is why I thought we like those nice sun shiny days….we need the color. Color brightens up our life and our world.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Early Spring?

Well if you were hoping for an early spring in Alberta...........Balzac Billy is on your side! You can even check it out on his website
(Good news from a furry forcaster)
Wiarton Willie and Shubenacadie Sam's fans have a different forcast.
(although if you look at the calender - 6 weeks takes you to Mar 15
....can you imagine Spring before Mar 15????)
Happy Groundhog's Day!