Sunday, September 11, 2011

Surround Yourself With

…things that make you smile!

Seems like just a few days ago that I turned the calendar over to September.

As I flipped the page I was excited to see what the September photo would be. And when I saw it I couldn’t help but smile.

It contained two of my favorite things.

With 3 books stacked behind and one underneath there was a kitten peering so intently at the open book he was sitting on that he looked like he was reading it. Smart kitty!!

So I got to thinking with the world around us that can quickly take our smile away, as much as we can we should surround ourselves with things that make us smile.

What surrounds you?


  1. How about that new pansy pic in your sidebar... that brings a smile for sure!

    - yummy smells from the kitchen
    - autumn leaves
    - good books to read
    - flowers blooming and no frost YET!

  2. Those are great things to bring a smile. Thanks for dropping by.


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