Sunday, November 27, 2011

Letter O is for One...

.....One Day at a Time

Some days....

I get troubled....and I get to thinking, I can’t do this; it is just too hard.

I wonder did I hear you right; are you sure this was the door I was to walk through?

It is then that He gently whispers to me……..

One day at a time.”

I just ask you to take one day at a time.

One day, this day.


Not tomorrow, not next week, not next month, not next year,

only today.

I give you grace. I give you mercy. I give you strength

for today.


Today is a gift.

I didn’t give you today so that you could worry about tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s worries will have tomorrows grace.


So enjoy,

the gifts that I have for you. Enjoy all that I have for you today.

Can you handle one day?

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  1. Yes.....I like when you say, 'tomorrow's worries will have tomorrow's grace.'

    Good reminder for this new week!


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