Monday, June 4, 2012

The Bloggers Prayer

 (Do you ever feel like you are writing to an empty room? If so, here is the prayer for you.)

The Bloggers Prayer

Oh, Mister Spider, of the great big World Wide Web,
Can you spare me a length of your sparkling golden thread?

Some folks are really quite shy to come so near by you,
But I do need some help and don’t know what else to do.

I have been racking my brain for just the perfect choice of words,
But the feeding on my posts has just gone to the birds.

Your web is so tangled up and it is so very big,
The sites keep building up to an ever bulging fig.

The SEO and RRS feeds they confuse me so,
So Mr. Spider can you help me with my traffic flow?

Can you crawl the web all over and tweak the bits and bytes?
And take my blogging trail up to grand new heights?

Mr. Spider, you know the trails both inside and out,
You know the back links and the buss routes without a doubt

You know the smooth ways and are master of the sticky roads,
You have the key words to help with all the heavy loads,

So, Mr. Spider, can you go and fetch me a really large catch,
And make the trail so sticky that comments have time to hatch.

Please make the roads up to the door wide and easy to find,
Because you know folks can get distracted and be kind of blind,

You have the special secret to make traffic go zoom, zoom,
And it sure would cure my problem of writing to an empty room!


  1. Oh that's funny, Betty! I remember hearing crickets chirrup for a number of long months. I was so surprised when someone actually showed up that I thought I'd faint. It's a lot of hard work this blogging. Don't let anyone tell you differently and a lot of it involves the old adage: If you want to have a friend, be a friend. So give visiting some time. People will find you. They will!

    1. Thanks for dropping by with encouraging words!

  2. Hi Betty! You have such an interesting and beautiful blog! I wanted to stop by and thank you for the sweet comment you left over on my blog today. I loved your poem it really made me smile. It was like that for me too for several months when I first started out. I think what changed it all for me was when I started commenting and introducing myself on other people's blogs. I would find one that I really liked and then looked at who was commenting on their blog. Then I would click on to their profiles and pretty soon people got to know me and my readership went up from 1 or 2 people a day to about 50 to 60. There are also many people who read my blog and don't choose to follow it, I only have about 30 followers. But I am really happy with the size of it right now. The bigger they get sometimes the more challenging it can become, trying to get back to everyone or getting negative comments.

    I am in the same boat again with a second blog that I started last month. Some of my loyal readers pop by once in awhile but it is growing very slowly. Just keep writing though and don't give up, it will grow with time! I really loved the inspiring video link you had about the wonderful girl that would not let the negativity of others defeat her. It was truly beautiful. Have a lovely day ahead Betty, it was sure nice to meet you! Delisa :)

    1. Delisa, thanks for visiting...and for all your nice comments. That is so encouraging. I'm going to add you to my blogs I follow list....and I will come check out your second blog too.


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