Saturday, September 29, 2012

Caught In Action!

I know someone was enjoying my sunflowers!  ....and now I know who.
(Although I haven't figured our what kind of bird it is.) 

Anybody know?

Whoever birdie is though....sure blends right in to the scenery.

But it is a win - win situation, since I enjoy the birds visiting
 and the birds enjoy my sunflowers!


  1. Looks like a Goldfinch. They also love to eat the seeds from spent coneflowers. Beautiful photos.

  2. really blends in..but still busted!

  3. I could barely see him at all and imagined a rodent of all things! Thank goodness it's a bird.

    Snow already? Hope that it doesn't last!

  4. Looks like a nice crop of Sunflowers!


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