Friday, July 2, 2010

Tiny Construction Crew

Barn swallow


We were watching the barn swallows build their nest.

We even discouraged them from the spot they picked as we thought they would be in danger there. Seeing there is one energetic dog and two curious cats nearby.


But they insisted this is the spot.

And build their nest they did.


So I got to muzing.....Here they are. .

No big construction crew - Just 2 birds.

No big equipment - Just two mouths.

No watering can or hose, just a mouthful of spit at a time.... if needed.


And here they build a fully functional nesting spot

… mouthful at a time.


Pretty amazing.


  1. Truly amazing! So what are we doing with our mouthful of 'spit'?

  2. Should I say....use only when needed?


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