Friday, August 6, 2010

The Treasure is in the Memory

I had a friend who gave me a plant. I liked this plant. I wanted it because it would grow quickly and provide shade for those hot blistering days of summer.

So I got this plant and placed it in my yard. But the days of summer were wet and cold and not very blistering hot. So the plant did not do well. I fact to my dismay the plant died.

A few years later I went out to replace this plant. In fact I bought two because I liked this plant and I knew it could grow quickly and provide shade. So I planted them in my yard. And that summer the days were wet and cold and not very blistering hot. So I watched the plants struggle and wondered if they would survive.

And the seasons came and went....and to my joy the plants survived. This year in fact the plants did grow and flourish greatly.

So now every time I look at my plants I think of my friend. I remember fondly the gift that was given. And I think, it wasn't the gift that was the treasure, because the gift was replaced. It was the memory of the gift that is the treasure.

Do you have any memory treasures?

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  1. So is it hops? It looks like to me. We had some of that growing along our back fence; I liked it too, even though it is very aggressive.

    I like how you put that... it's not the gift, but the memory of the gift that's the treasure.

    It's true!


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