Thursday, April 7, 2011

Did you walk right by?

Ever look for the sugar bowl? You can't find it so you go on a search. You look high and low, up and down and all around only to discover that it was right there in front of your nose and you missed it. And you feel kind of silly.

Ever go for a walk down the road? You look around and enjoy the scenery and observe all the things around you. On the way back you discover something that you hadn't seen on the way down and you wonder how you missed it. Were you looking in too many directions?

The eye is for seeing. It is an amazing part of our body, but there are times when we just don't see. We look but we don't see.

Are you looking for hope? Did you miss it because you couldn't see? Did you walk right by because you were too busy looking in other directions?

Hope is there. Can you see it?

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  1. Sometimes we are looking in the wrong direction, expecting our deliverance to come from a certain place, in a certain way... so we don't see what is there.

    Good posting!


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