Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Life's Little Lesson No. 1

"Big Critters always get the right of way"

I was leaving for work the other day. Just turned out of my driveway onto the gravel road, looked up, and there I saw them standing in the middle of the road just up ahead. There were 3. Papa, Mama and baby....and yes, they were moose.

Not sure exactly how far ahead of me they were, but close enough to be rather intimidating, yet far enough ahead so I could still stop safely. I waited for them to make their way over the fence and into the bush. They sauntered at their own pace, crossed the fence, and I could still see them watching me as I inched the car closer and crept past them. I hoped they weren't going to change their mind and cross the road again before I got far enough away.

so, yes....big critters get the right of way.


  1. Cute posting!

    And thankfully we also know Someone who is bigger than all other critters (for those time we find ourselves in a tight spot).

  2. Thanks!
    And yes, we do need that Someone...because there are/have been ...tight spots!!!


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