Sunday, February 1, 2009

Open the Doors and they will come.....

I want to thank my friend Brenda for encouraging and inspiring me to start my own blog.

I have had a desire to write for as far back as I can remember, even before I started grade one in Elementary School. So I've thought about it long enough and today is the day. This is my opportunity to "Just Jump In" and start my writing adventure and see where it will lead me. (as my friend says on her blog see Day One Post - "Just Jump In")

I have been working in the retail industry for a few years now and have observed the following.

It can be the coldest most miserable day in winter, the hottest day in summer, a blustery day in fall or a bright spring day. All you have to do is open the open the doors and the people will come.

There never has been a day when no one has come. Grant it some days have been slow, some are steady and some are crazy busy, but to my amazement there never has been a day when no one has come.

So today I am opening the doors to my blog, and I am curious and excited to see - who will come!


  1. Betty, I am so excited to see you up and running! Congrats and thanks for inviting me in!

    I look forward to following your postings.... blessings and joy on this new writing venture!


  2. PS. You've been tagged over at my site. Come and see what.


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