Saturday, February 7, 2009

On track, or NOT!

I was driving home from work one day. It was one of those weeks where it had snowed off and on, but tonite it was clear, just dark as it was early in the evening.

My thoughts wandered as I turned the car into the driveway. I could still see my previous tracks so proceeded to follow the road as I made my way to the house. Soon I noticed something was wrong. Sure enough I was stuck and going nowhere. I tried to back out or to go forward but without success so resigned myself to get out and walk to the house.

The next morning I investigated. I checked out the tire tracks on the driveway. I noticed I was following the tracks to start but where I passed the curve of the road is where I started going off course. I looked closer and it was only by one tire width that I was off. One tire width didn't seem to be that big of a deal. How could one tire width get me so off track? However, I did notice that the trail on that side was pretty close to the edge. Not a lot of room for error. So it wasn't a very good place to get off track.

So I'm thinking that if you are going down a path you want to be on, just a small degree of change can get you seriously off track.

Just the opposite if you are going down a path that seems to be not bringing your results you are hoping for, all you need to do is change your path by a few degrees, a few small changes....and you can be on your way to much better results!

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