Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Favorite Invention

There have been lots of great inventions over the centuries but I think one of my favorites has got to be the "remote control".

Just click a button and the TV turns on, or off or changes channel or goes mute. Just click and the car turns on (not that my current car has this wonderful feature), but its an awesome invention for this particular season when the car is stone cold and covered in frost, and one doesn't want to step outdoors.

So a week or so ago when I went to "click" the button of my favorite invention, the button "did not" click and turn the TV on, or off, or anything. I wondered. I clicked and clicked but nothing, and when I tried the old fashioned way (the button on the TV) still nothing so then I knew it wasn't the wonderful invention that failed me, just the TV it was trying to control.

So now we have what I call "exercise TV", you actually have to "go to" the TV to turn it on, or off, or mute it or change the channel (if you can get more than one)!

So I was thinking the other day, has this new invention made us lazy? Why don't we declare a "No Remote" week? Wouldn't that just fit in with the "environmental" concern of our generation?

How many batteries would we extend the life of, or save?

How many calories would we burn?

How much more would we appreciate the great inventions of our time?

Would it be more acceptable than "No TV" week?

What do you think?


  1. Haha, good point. We've probably forgotten how to run the TV without the remote. Might be interesting to have a "No Remote" week. It would be quiet..a "No TV" week, especially in the winter time.

  2. We're not much TV watchers at our house, but we do watch videos, so the remote does come in handy for changing the volume when necessary. (Sometimes you get blasted and other times you have to squint so you can hear properly. ha ha)


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