Sunday, March 15, 2009

One thing I like........

I must say I am hard pressed to find something I like about winter on those days when the thermometer is dipping it's needle to -40 C and the wind is howling and the snow is blowing all about. All is a mass of white. The snow is swirling so high in the sky that the drifts are gathering so quickly that one wonders if one needs a grader to get out!!!

I wondered if I could ever find something I liked about winter?......but I did.

It's on those other days.... when the sun comes out and the sky is blue and the temperature is up and you can feel the warm of the sun on your face and your back. You can feel the refreshing of your spirits as you wander outside to explore the outdoors.

It's on those kind of days I find the tracks. Big tracks or little tracks. I like to see who's been walking about. I like to see who else has been exploring the land. I like to follow the tracks! Don't you?


  1. Interesting tracks... and what a great photo of your trees at sunrise.

    Hey I notice in your sidebard you did a whole month without potato chips --- Congrats!

    We must be kindred spirits because I decided a similar challenge, only mine was for 90 days without potato chips. I've still got about three weeks to go yet.

  2. I liked that photo too of the tracks. Who makes tracks like that?

  3. Here's one for a more positive outlook on winter.... Indeed, 6 months is long enough, but at least it doesn't last all year!


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