Saturday, October 3, 2009

Who got tired of the color "green"?

I traveled down the road one day and couldn’t help but notice,
Where did the color “green” all go?
That I had waited for so long.

I couldn’t help but ask myself, “Who brought out that big old paint brush?
Who splashed a stroke of yellow here,
And over there some red?

Who painted the hews of the rainbow, over hill and valley and meadow?
Who left some shades of green around,
But painted mostly in color?

And while for a bit I did ponder the reason I suddenly discovered why it was so.
It’s the harvest you know,
The fields are quite bare, the harvest is in.

This is the special harvest time and it’s time to celebrate
And however nice the color green is
It just isn’t quite enough.

The harvest time must be celebrated with lots of splash of color
The whole wide world has got to know
The harvest is in, the harvest is in.

For those who work the fields do know the challenge to get things to grow,
Through heat and cold, and wet and dry
And bugs that come to eat the sprouts and fruits.

It’s a miracle that we can celebrate that the harvest is in our bins today,
So bring on the color and hope it can stay,
For a long time to brighten our way!


  1. Beautiful!!!!!! What lovely thoughts about autumn.

  2. Wow, you were really on a roll. That's excellent writing!

  3. Interesting... autumn colors are my favorite and I love them even more when it announces time to change from summer to fall activities.


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