Saturday, November 6, 2010

Courage or fear?

About a week ago, I happened to turn on the TV, and found myself tuned into the program “Shameless Idealists” on CTV.

On this particular show the idealist was, Betty Williams.

Betty was the co-recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize for 1976 for her work in founding the Community of Peace People in Northern Ireland.

During the interview, Craig Kielburger, asks Betty how she handles the death threats on her life. Her answer was something like this, “I refuse to live in fear. Fear is contagious, so is courage.”

I thought, "How appropriate this is for Veterans Week (Nov 5-11)."

For this is the time we set aside and remember all the Veterans and brave soldiers who chose to stand up for our country.

They chose courage over fear!

We think of those who fought in the past and those who fight in the present. We think of families who have lost loved ones. We ponder the pain and the suffering that many have endured.

We appreciate all those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for freedom and peace.

May we be inspired to choose courage?

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  1. Wonderful posting, m'friend! I'm with you on this....I choose courage!


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