Monday, November 29, 2010

Yesteday I was reminded of a great invention

I was working on my computer and wanted to print a document. When I examined the printed page only part of the letters showed. It was like it wasn’t spacing right and only printed part of the letters and some lines it didn’t print at all.

So I went to my printer and faxes screen page. I tried some things on the troubleshooter page but wasn’t finding what I needed.

Then I went to the maintenance page. I did a nozzle check. I tried a cleaning. I did a printer alignment. I did a bottom plate cleaning. I debated a deep cleaning. I changed a couple of print cartridges. I unplugged the printer. I turned the printer off and on.

I printed pages in between it all and still they did not print correctly.

I thought “Oh no, I hope I don’t need to buy a new printer”.

Then I flipped the lid open one more time on my printer. I peered inside. Hmm, looks kind of grubby in there I thought. I’m going to get my vacuum.

So I very carefully did a bit of vacuuming inside and outside the printer.

I put some paper in, printed out my document, and now finally, it looks just fine!

So thank you once again to whoever invented the vacuum cleaner! Your invention revived my printer.

Aren’t you glad for great inventions?

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  1. LOL........... I have to do abit of vroom vroom with that same invention later today!

    Not sure if I've ever taken a moment to be thankful for that invention, but now that you reminded me... yes, I'm thankful too!

    BTW, glad your printer revived!


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