Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ponds are like People

.....they merely reflect
            what is in and around them!

Here are two bodies of water on the same piece of land just separated by several feet of roadway.

They both contain the same kind of water.  Both contain water from melted snow, runoff, seepage and rainfall.  All comprised of the chemical formula H20; a molecule that contains one part oxygen and two parts hydrogen.

So why is the same so different?

When it comes to water in a lake or pond there is a combination of factors that can influence color.  The lake or pond surface can reflect conditions of the sky. 

Dissolved particles may make water look more clear and blue or brown.  Suspended particles reflect light back to us and may make water look more muddy brown, cloudy green, or gray. Nutrient load, algae growth and chemicals can change the color of water.

And just like water, people are the same but different. 

We have a similar chemical formula that makes us all look like people, but what is floating around in our minds makes us so different.    

We are a unique combination of cultural backgrounds, life experiences, personalities, dreams, goals, and challenges that contribute to how we reflect life. What we read, what we choose to belief, and what surrounds us can also influence the way we reflect life.

Both ponds are pretty even though they reflect different colors.  What beauty are you reflecting?


  1. What an interesting,thoughtfully constructed posting! Enjoyed your insights.

  2. Thanks! Glad you stopped by.


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